How to Grow Seeds Indoors

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Are you tired of wasting your money buying plants at the garden store? Or perhaps you want a little control over the type of plants you want to grow in your garden. I hear you. After 2 years of buying plants, I realized that I was just wasting money. I could grow from seed! I never looked back. I have grown numerous vegetables, herbs, and flowers from seed.

When I look in the garden and see the plants I grew from seed, I just smile.

You too can get this same satisfaction. Remember a seed packet cost $4 for 50-100 seeds. An organic plant can cost $4.

Who is this course for? This course is designed for gardeners who have a year or so under their belt and want to try growing from seed.

I will walk you through from the time you start buying your seeds to when it is time to plant them in the garden. Generally that it is an 18 week period but the course focuses on the 14 week period from sowing your seeds.

There are numerous videos, content documents and some PDF/spreadsheets for you to use.

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Anna Hackman

Anna Hackman

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I am the editor of Green Talk, a green living and gardening blog. I have been gardening for over 12 years. I probably have grown over 100 different vegetables and fruits in 32 raised beds and various garden plots on my small farm.

I am excited to teach  you how to grow your seeds indoors  for a spring, summer, and fall harvest as well as how to grow vertically using cattle panels.

 First, why grow indoors?  It is so much fun to grow your plants from seeds since you are in control of their destiny. I found that the plants that I grow from seed seem to fare so much better than the plants I buy at the store.

Secondly, if you want to grow squash, melons, cucumber and beans, why not consider growing them vertically!  Double production without stepping on those vines!

So, let's get growing!

If you need to contact me, email me at

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29 Videos

24 Texts


3.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

Free Mini Course. My Favorite Pieces of Equipment for Sowing Seeds Indoors.

How to Label Your Seeds in Their Pods or Containers

How to Repot Your Growing Seedlings